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Vienna International Airport

Vienna International Airport (German: Flughafen Wien; IATA Airport Code: VIE) is the main airport facility in the European country of Austria. It is situated 18 kilometres southeast of Vienna in Lower Austria near the small town of Schwechat and known to Austrians by that name only.

Capable of managing airplanes the size of a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A340, the airport is the hub of such Austrian air companies as Austrian Airlines and Tyrolean.

In addition, since Austria has been host of the Winter Olympics various times, it has received the Olympic teams of various countries and even the Pope John Paul II during his visits to Austria.

In 1985, Palestinian terrorists shot several people dead at this airport.

Probably the most striking feature was a Harrods "signature shop" in the departure lounge [1], but it closed down in September, 2003.

Airlines serving the airport are:

And the only Cargo airline there is MAS Kargo.

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