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1 State of Victoria, Australia
2 Cities of Victoria
3 Victoria National Golf Club
4 Lake Victoria
5 Victoria Island
6 Victoria Peak
7 Victoria Harbour
8 Victoria Park
9 British Monarch 1837-1901
10 The goddess Victoria
11 Transport
12 Professional wrestler
13 Waterlily
14 Submarine

State of Victoria, Australia

Victoria is a state of Australia, the southernmost in the east of the mainland. See Victoria (Australia)

Cities of Victoria

Victoria is the name of several cities:

Victoria National Golf Club

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the name of a lake in East Africa.

Victoria Island

Victoria Island is in the Canadian Arctic. (Victoria, British Columbia, is on an island, but that is Vancouver Island; Vancouver, British Columbia, is on the mainland).

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a mountain on Hong Kong Island.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is the body of water between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula.

Victoria Park

Many places around the world are called Victoria Park.

British Monarch 1837-1901

See Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, Empress of India, etc

The goddess Victoria

See Victoria (mythology).


Professional wrestler

Victoria is the stage name of Lisa Marie Varon.



Victoria (submarine) is a class of
Canadian submarine

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