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Victoria Island

Victoria Island is one of the largest islands of the world. It is located in the Arctic Sea and is one of the Canadian Arctic Islands. The west part belongs to the Northwest Territories and the east part to Nunavut. To the North lies Melville Sound. Eastwards are Clintock Channel and Victoria Strait. The Northwest Territories continue on the mainland to the South across Pease Strait. On the West are Amundsen Gulf and Banks Island.

The settlement of Cambridge Bay lies on the southeast coast. Holman is on the west coast.

Roughly the eastern two-thirds of the Island are located in Nunavut, the western part is in the Northwest Territories.

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Although Victoria Island is in Canada, it is nowhere near the City of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; the latter is on Vancouver Island, which in turn is not to be confused with the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, on the mainland nearby.