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Arctic Islands (Canada)

The Arctic islands of Canada make up most of the territory of Nunavut and part of the Northwest Territories. Ellesmere Island, Victoria Island, and Baffin Island are three of the largest islands in the world. The Arctic islands make up the former Northwest Territories District of Franklin. Other islands in the archipelago are Banks Island, Prince of Wales Island, Devon Island, Prince Patrick Island, Melville Island, Sverdrup Island, Axel Heiberg Island, Southampton Island and King William Island. The group of islands is bounded on the west by the Beaufort Sea, on the North by the Arctic Sea, on the East by Greenland, Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, and on the South by Hudson Bay and the mainland of Canada. British claims on the islands were based on the explorations in the 1570's by Martin Frobisher. Canadian sovereignty over them was not established until the District of Franklin was established in 1895. Canada claims sovereignty in a sector continuing to the North Pole, a claim that is not universally recognized. In addition, Canada claims the water between the Arctic Islands as internal waters, a claim that is not recognized by the United States, and which has cause some conflict with respect to the enforcement of environmental laws.

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