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Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power was the name of three members of a family of performers.

  1. Tyrone Power (1795 - 1841) - a famed Irish actor. His grandson,
  2. Tyrone Power, Sr. (1869 - 1931) - A British born actor, and his son,
  3. Tyrone Power, Jr. (1914 - 1958) - a world famous Hollywood star.

Tyrone Power, Jr. (May 5, 1914 in Cincinnati, Ohio - November 15, 1958 in Madrid, Spain), was an American movie actor who appeared in dozens of films in the 1930s to 1950s, usually as a swashbuckling hero but often as a protagonist with a dark side.

Power, Jr., followed his father into acting in American films. He rapidly became a matinee idol, like Rudolph Valentino before him, whose fans followed his off-screen activities (including playing polo) as avidly as his films.

Although he was a Catholic, Power divorced his first two wives. His extramarital affairs contributed to the failure of his marriages. During World War II Power served as an aviator in the United States Marine Corps.

Tyrone Power died of a heart attack while filming Solomon and Sheba in 1958 (and was replaced in that movie by Yul Brynner). He was interred in the Hollywood Forever Memorial Park Cemetery in Hollywood, California.

Videotapes of many of Power's movies still sell.

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