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Steven Norris

Steven Norris is a British Conservative politician. He is the official Conservative candidate for London mayor in 2004.

Steven Norris was born February 24 195X. He became the Member of Parliament for Oxford East in 1983 and later for Epping Forest. He served as a Parliamentary Private Secretary for William Waldegrave at the Department of Environment, Nicholas Ridley as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and Kenneth Baker as Home Secretary before being promoted to Minister of State for Transport by John Major in 1992. British tabloid newspapers uncovered in 1996 that Norris had five mistresses simultaneously as well as a wife at a time when the Government was running its Back to Basics campaign. The relevations earned him the moniker Steve 'Shagger' Norris. Norris has now weathered the storm more successfully than some of his fellow ministers (see e.g. David Mellor, Tim Yeo) who faced similar tabloid accusations of double standards on morality. In 1996 he published his autobiography 'Changing Trains' which commented on these accusations.

Norris is known in particular for his interest in public transport. He is, or has been, Chairman of the National Cycling Strategy Board, Director General of the Road Haulage Association and President of the Motor Cycle Industry Association. Following Jeffrey Archer's withdrawal from the elections for London's mayor in 2000, Norris became the Conservative party candidate. He came in runner-up behind current mayor Ken Livingstone. In February 2003 he was elected Conservative candidate for the next mayoral elections in 2004. His platform includes promises to open the tube all night at weekends and to scrap the London Congestion Charge.

On November 25 2003 the engineering group Jarvis, which tenders bids for many public transport and other public service projects, announced that Norris will become its chairman following the resignation of Paris Moayedi. Norris is expected to resign from this position if he wins the mayoral race to avoid a conflict of interest.

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