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Tim Yeo

Tim Yeo (born 1945) is a British Conservative politician, member of Parliament for Suffolk South, and the Shadow Education and Health Secretary. He is also a paid director of Univent PLC and Genus PLC, and writes articles for Golf Weekly and Country Life magazines.

He has been MP for Suffolk South since 1983, and became PPS to Douglas Hurd in 1988. By 1993, he had become Minister for the Environment and Countyside in John Major's government, but was forced to resign after a scandal involving his so-called 'love child' with a Tory councillor - which was seen to conflict with the Government's emphasis on 'Back to Basics', and family values.

After the disastrous Tory loss in the 1997 election, the new leader William Hague appointed him spokesman on Environment, Transport and the Regions, and he has been in the shadow cabinet since 1998. Under Iain Duncan Smith he was shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, and in 2003 was made Michael Howard's Education and Health Secretary, a major new role with responsibility for both schools and hospitals.

More up-to-the-minute information about Tim Yeo, including details of the potential conflict of interest that arises from his paid directorship of Univent PLC can be found at " class="external">

Univent PLC operates care homes for the elderly whilst its chairman Tim Yeo argues in the UK Parliament (as the Shadow Education and Health Secretary) for deregulations to the care home industry that would directly benefit his company.

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