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Statue Square

Statue Square is a public pedestrian square in Central, Hong Kong.

The HSBC Hong Kong headquarters building is located along its southern side. It stands at the location of the of the old City Hall (built 1869, demolished 1933). The Former Supreme Court Building, now housing the Legislative Council is located along the eastern side of the square.

The square was initially bordered by Victoria Harbour on its northern side, but following land reclamation, it is now separated from it by Edinburgh Place, which houses the Star Ferry pier, among others.


The square was built at the end of the 19th century. It derives its name from the fact that it originally contained the statues of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Edward VII and Sir Thomas Jackson, the chief manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank between 1876 and 1902. These statues, together with the two bronze lions in front of the HSBC building, were displaced to Japan to be melted by the occupying Japanese during World War II.

After the war all statues were brought back to Hong Kong. Sir Thomas Jackson's now stands roughly in the middle of the square, facing the Former Supreme Court Building. Queen Victoria's statue was placed in Victoria Park. The two lions are now again in front of the HSBC building.

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