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HSBC Hong Kong headquarters building

The HSBC Hong Kong headquarters building is located along the southern side of Statue Square, in Central, at the location of the old City Hall (built 1869, demolished 1933). The initial HSBC building was built in 1935. It was demolished in 1981 and rebuilt at the same place in 1986.

The new building was designed by the British architect Norman Foster.

Like the other statues of Statue Square, the two bronze lion statues in front of the building were displaced to Japan to be melted by the occupying Japanese during World War II. They were recovered at the end of the war.

HSBC owns Hang Seng Bank after which the Hang Seng Index for stock prices in Hong Kong is named; it is one of the three banks which issues banknotes for Hong Kong (the other two being the Bank of China and Standard Chartered Bank).

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