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Sima Lun

zh-cn:司马伦 zh-tw:司馬倫

Sima Lun (sim. ch 司马伦, trad. ch 司馬倫, py. si1 ma3 lun2, wg. Ssu-ma Lun (before 249 exclusive - poisoned June 5,301) was titled the Prince of Zhao (pinyin: zhao4 wang2, simplified Chinese: 赵王, traditional Chinese: 趙王) and the usurper of the Jin Dynasty from February 3 to May 30, 301. He is usually not counted in the list of Jin emperors due to his brief reign.

Personal information

Family name Sima (司馬 py. si1 ma3) in Chinese
Given name Lun (伦 py. lun2)
Era name Jianshi (建始) February 3-June 1,301
Father Sima Yi (ninth son of)
Mother consort Bai
Major concubines
Children at least 4 sons
Duration of reign February 3-May 30,301
Temple name
Courtesy name ch. 子彝, py. zi3 yi2, wg. tzu-i
Posthumous name

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