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Poisoned is a free peer-to-peer computer program for Mac OS X (similar to KaZaA).

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Project history

The Poisoned Project was founded on May 26 2003 with the initial release. After the first few months of developing update releases, the creator of Poisoned, "rizzi" from Chur in Switzerland, was away for a while, and one of the developers, Julian Ashton, the best known developer, took the project over and, according to "rizzi" the creator, "tried to take over the whole project in his own hands". "rizzi" didn't want that, and so, Ashton resigned. Ashton is now trying to develop a similar P2P computer program called MultiNet. "rizzi" is back in charge of the Poisoned project with the other developers. But Ashton resigned from resigning and goes on developing the project with the others developers.

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