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Emperor Hui of Jin China

zh-cn:晋惠帝 zh-tw:晉惠帝

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Emperor Hui of Jin China, sim. ch 晋惠帝, trad. ch 晉惠帝, py. jin4 hui4 di4, wg. Chin Hui-ti (between 258 and 260-poisoned January 8, 307) was the second emperor of the Jin Dynasty (265-420). Emperor Hui was recorded as a retarded ruler.

Personal information

Family name Sima (司馬 py. si1 ma3) in Chinese
Given name Zhong (衷 py. zhong1)
Era names Yongxi (永熙 yong3 xi1) May 17, 290-February 15,291
Yongping (永平 yong3 ping) February 16-April 23,291
Yuankang (元康 yuan2 kang1) April 24,291-February 6,300
Yongkang (永康 yong3 kang1) February 7,300-February 3,301
Yongning (永寧 yong3 ning2) June 1,301-January 4303
Taian (太安 tai4 an1) January 5,303-February 21, 304
Yongan (永安 yong3 an1) February 22-August 15,304; December 25,304-February 3,305
Jianwu (建武 jian4 wu3) August 16-December 24,304
Yongxing (永興 yong3 xing1) February 4,305-July 12,306
Guangxi (光熙 guang1 xi1) July 13,306-February 19,307
Father Emperor Wu of Jin China (second son of)
Wife empress Jia Nanfeng
Major concubines consort Xie Jiu, mother of crown prince Sima Yu
Children crown prince Sima Yu
Duration of reign May 17,290 to February 3,301
and May 30,301 to January 8, 307
Temple name
Courtesy name ch. 正度, py. zheng4 du4, wg. cheng-tu
Posthumous name 孝惠 (py. xio hi), literary meaning: "filial and benevolent"
Posthumous name in short 惠 (py. hi), literary meaning: "benevolent"

Preceded by:
Emperor Wu
Jin Dynasty (265-420) Succeeded by:
Emperor Huai
disputed by Sima Lun