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John II of Poland

Jan II Kazimierz Waza
ReignJanuary 17, 1649-
November 16, 1668
CoronationJanuary 17, 1649
Royal HouseVasa
PredecessorLadislaus IV
SuccessorMichael Korybut Wisniowiecki
Date of BirthMarch 22, 1609
Place of BirthCracow, Poland
Date of DeathDecember 16, 1672
Place of DeathNevers, France

John Casimir II Vasa of Poland, or Jan II Kazimierz Waza, (1609-1672), King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and Duke of Opole in Silesia. His parents were Sigismund III of Poland (1566-1632), and Constance of Austria (1588-1631).

Royal titles


His father Sigismund, grandson of
Gustav I of Sweden, had succeded his father to the Swedish throne in 1592 only to be deposed from the by his uncle Charles IX of Sweden in 1599. This lead to a long standing feud where the Polish kings of the house of Vasa claimed the Swedish throne. Effects of this were the Swedish War (1600-1629). Poland and Sweden were also on opposite sides in the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648).

In 1648 John II succeeded his half brother and cousin on the Polish throne. In 1660 he would be forced to renounce his claims to the Swedish throne and acknowledge Swedish sovereignty over Livonia and city of Riga. John was deposed from the throne in 1668 and died in 1672.

Preceded by:
Ladislaus IV
List of Polish rulers Succeeded by:
Michael Korybut Wisniowiecki