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Sid Meier

Sid Meier is a renowned programmer and designer of some of the most commercially and critically successful computer games of all time. Meier has won several accolades for both his contributions to the computer games industry and for the titles which has gained huge commercial successes. Meier is considered one of the legendary giants of the computer games industry even today.

In 1999, Meier became the second person to be inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' Hall of Fame. The first to receive that honor was Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo.

Sid Meier founded MicroProse together with Bill Stealey in 1982. MicroProse is where Meier developed the game series for which he is most widely recognized, Civilization. Meier eventually left MicroProse and in 1996 founded Firaxis Games along with veteran gaming executive Jeff Briggs.

Happily married with children, Meier makes his home in Hunt Valley, Maryland.


Titles developed by Meier span three decades. Some of the more notable titles are listed below in chronological order.

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