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Maxis was founded as a video game developer founded in 1987. Its initial title was the seminal SimCity, a city simulation and planning game. It is now a brand name of Electronic Arts (EA). Its main studio is located in Walnut Creek, California. Maxis is the creator of the best-selling computer game of all time, The Sims.

The company's name is based on the spelling of the words "6am" backwards. [1]

Maxis was founded in 1987 by Will Wright and "idea guy" Jeff Braun. They decided to start the company to help publish SimCity on home computers. Up to that point, it was only available on a limited basis on the Commodore 64. Because it wasn't a traditional game that had definite "win" and "lose" conditions, few publishers showed any interest in the game. SimCity went on to become one of the most popular and successful video games of all time.

Most of the Maxis titles are simulation-based, though none are considered traditional simulations. Maxis founder Wright likes to liken them as "digital playgrounds." Maxis' two most popular and successful lines are the SimCity and The Sims series.

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The company site no longer exists - as Maxis merged with EA Games.

Maxis is also the name of the second largest mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia.

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