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Scarborough, Ontario

Scarborough is a part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It occupies the eastern portion of Toronto and its boundary with the rest of Toronto is Victoria Park Avenue. Its population is approximately 600,000.


It was incorporated as a township in 1850[1] and included as part of Metropolitan Toronto when it was formed in 1953. It was incorporated as a borough within Metropolitan Toronto in 1963. It was then incorporated as a city within Metropolitan Toronto in 1983. It was amalgamated into the "megacity" in 1998 losing its separate legal identity.

It is named after Scarborough, England by Elizabeth Simcoe the wife of John Graves Simcoe the first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada. The bluffs along Scarborough's Lake Ontario shores reminded her of the bluffs in Scarborough, England. In her diary, she wrote, "The [eastern] shore is extremely bold, and has the appearance of chalk cliffs, but I believe they are only white sand. They appeared so well that we talked of building a summer residence there and calling it Scarborough." [1]

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