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''This article is about Sango, the character from the anime Inuyasha. For the language spoken in the Central African Republic, see Sango (language).

Sango (珊瑚) is a character in InuYasha, a television anime series shown in Japan, the United States, and elsewhere.

She is a taijiya or youkai exterminator. She and the other taijiya of her village go to other villages in the region and kill the youkai that are infesting or attacking them. Sango trained to be a taijiya from the moment she could walk. Her favorite weapon is a bone boomerang called Hiraikotsu (飛来骨).

Sango and her younger brother Kohaku go with their father and some other taijiya to a castle which is being infested by a spider youkai. The taijiya kill the spider, but it seems too easy. Suddenly, Kohaku begins killing all the other taijiya, including his father. Sango fights Kohaku and then sees that he's being controlled by a spider web. She sees that the web is also connected to the lord of the castle, who appears to be controlling it.

She then rushes at the lord and tries to kill him, but is shot in the stomach with a spear by the castle guards. The guards also shoot Kohaku full of arrows. Sango crawls over to him, and he dies in her arms. Sango appears to die as well. The old lord's son then attacks and kills him; and when he is beheaded, a spider crawls out. The young lord says that what happened to the taijiya was a tragedy and demands a proper burial for them.

Sango, who isn't dead after all, digs her way out of the grave. The young lord finds her and takes her into the castle and cares for her wounds. Naraku comes to the young lord, and says that the taijiya village has been massacred by Inuyasha who was looking for the Shikon no Tama. Sango overhears this and is heartbroken. She then storms out of the room and demands her weaponry, saying she'll kill Inuyasha. Naraku gives her a Shikon shard to dull the pain from her wounds and then she sets out to destroy Inuyasha.

Sango goes back to her village and finds Inuyasha and his friends there. All her people are dead, so she attacks Inuyasha, believing he killed them. Because of the shard in her back, she is more powerful than a normal human and is nearly a match for Inuyasha. However, her wounds are severe, and he is able to subdue her even after she trips him up and stabs him.

When Sango wakes up, they convince her that Naraku is the enemy and that they're on her side. Soon afterwards, they learn that the Shikon no Tama was created in Sango's village during Midoriko's battle against the youkai armies.

Sango soon learns the truth about Naraku when she sees that he resurrected her little brother as a mindless slave. Now she travels with Inuyasha and his friends to defeat Naraku and save Kohaku.

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Japanese Seiyuu: Houko Kuwashima
English Voice Actor: Kelly Sheridan

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