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Shippo (七宝) is a fictional fox-demon from a TV anime series and Japanese manga Inuyasha.

'Shippo' means 'tail' in Japanese

He is a fox-demon (kitsune) who tags along with Kagome and Inuyasha after they defeated the thunder brothers. Shippo at first, attacked Inuyasha and Kagome for the shards of the Shikon no Tama they were holding so he can aveange his father's death by getting stronger. After Inuyasha and Kagome heard of the news they went and helped avenge Shippo's dad by defeatng the Thunder brothers. Shippo, unlike some full-bred youkai, has no problem with humans but Inuyasha and Shippo always tease each other while Kagome acts like a mom to Shippo. Since he is a Fox-demon, his specialty is trickery (He even fooled Inuyasha by creating a illusion of Kagome when he was in a sealed room so Inuyasha can recover without fighting. Sadly though, Shipo's illusions doesn't seem to exactly complete the illusion and so Shippo is left with a bop on the head by Inuyasha and Inuyasha feeling embarrassed after sharing a hidden feeling about Kagome...

Voice Actor

Japanese Seiyuu: Kumiko Watanabe
English Voice Actor: Jillian Michaels