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Miroku (弥勒)is a character in InuYasha, a television anime series shown in Japan, the United States, and elsewhere.

He is a Buddhist monk, called Houshi in Japanese, who possesses a rather unusual curse. His hand has an "air void," called Kazaana(風穴), that sucks in anything nearby, if it is not kept covered by a cloth and rosary. Kazaana is a curse that was placed on his grandfather by Naraku and passed down to Miroku. Eventually, the curse will cause him to be sucked in as well, if Naraku is not defeated. He is viewed by his friends and strangers alike as a somewhat perverted person, as he likes to touch every young woman he sees, sometimes in places less than appropriate.

Miroku meets Inuyasha and his friends while walking away from a town after cheating them out of some money. He discovers that Kagome has shards of the Shikon no Tama, and takes them and her bike with the help of his Tanuki (racoon spirit) friend Hachi. Inuyasha and Kagome catch up to him and Inuyasha attacks him, but Miroku uses his kazaana against them. Kagome, realizing that the monk won't harm people, rushes Miroku, who quickly conceals the air void with the prayer beads.

Miroku explains his situation, and Inuyasha reluctantly allows him to join them. Asking Kagome to "bear his child" did not help the situation, and neither did his groping Kagome.

Nonetheless, the monk mellows out as time goes on and proves to be a valuable, if ecchi, ally.

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Japanese Seiyuu: Kouji Tsujitani
English Voice Actor: Kirby Morrow


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