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Naraku (奈落) is a villain in manga and anime Inuyasha.

Table of contents
1 Naraku was Onigumo
2 List of Detachments
3 List of characters who hate Naraku
4 Name

Naraku was Onigumo

Naraku is a hanyou.(half demon - 'you' is derived from youkai, which also means demon) But he was just a human,Onigumo (鬼蜘蛛) chieftain,who ravaged in neighboring country. One day, Onigumo lost in split, he was burned. And Onigumo was pitched into precipice by his follower.

Onigumo was found dying by Kikyo. Kikyo harboured Onigumo in mercy, Onigumo could go from death. In those days, Inuyasha and Kikyo fell in love with. Onigumo lusted Kikyo ,so he sold himself to youkai for get power. Onigumo was united with youkai and became the hanyou, Naraku.

List of Detachments

  1. Kagura - Wind sorceress. (Japanese: "wind user")
  2. Kanna - Void.
  3. Goshinki - Telepathic. Broke the Tetsusaiga.
  4. Juuromaru
  5. Kageromaru
  6. Masou - Born as the Man with no Face. Reincarnated Onigumo.

List of characters who hate Naraku


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