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Noticentro 4

Noticentro 4 is a television news show in Puerto Rico. Produced by WAPA-TV (channel 4 in Puerto Rico's television dial), it has always competed with rival Telenoticias en Accíon of Telemundo Puerto Rico (channel 2) for the Puerto Rican viewer's preference.

The show began in 1967, with Evelio Ortiz and Ruben Dario Sánchez as anchor men. Soon after, Guillermo José Torres joined as an on the street reporter.

The show at first lasted only fifteen minutes in the after noon, with a 30 minute edition at 10 in the evening. There was also a weekend edition. Gradually, the show's on-the-air time was raised, until it was stretched to one hour for each daily segment.

Soon after, Ortiz and Sánchez retired, making Torres the director of the news department at WAPA-TV, and also the show's main anchor and director. In the late 1970s, Enrique Cruz, Luz Nereida Velez, Sylvia Gómez, Luis Rigual, Cyd Marie Fleming, José Esteves and others joined.

In 1980, Noticentro 4 inaugurated a new studio. In 1981, Pedro Rosa Nales joined the team. In 1982, Enrique Cruz, also known as Kike Cruz, substituted Torres as show director. In 1983, Rigual tragically passed away, being substituted as main sports anchor man by Rafael Bracero. Bobby Anglero joined the team of reporters as Bracero's main helper in 1984, year in which the Coqui Satellite was inaugurated by the station. Coqui Satellite helped the network deliver breaking news quicker, and it helped deliver the news on occasions such as the Challenger explosion, when Torres interrupted Angela Meyer on her Chianita la Governadora comedy section to break the news to the public only minutes after it had happened.

In the late 1980s, Esteves and Fleming got married.

Noticentro 4 continues to be one of the most popular programs of its gender in Puerto Rico.