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Nagoya Airport

Nagoya Airport (名古屋空港) is an airport located near Nagoya, Japan, in the cities of Komaki and Kasugai. It is sometimes referred to as Komaki International Airport. Its IATA Airport Code is NGO. Under Japanese law it is classified as a second class airport.

Nagoya Airport will have all of its international flights moved to the up and coming Chubu International Airport, if all commercial service doesn't move.

The airport doesn't seem to get much draw other than from the automotive industry, which is why Air Canada, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines stopped flying to Nagoya. When New Tokyo International Airport (Narita International Airport) in Narita, Japan and Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) in Itami, Japan were overfilled, Komaki Airport had a lot of traffic because there was nowhere else to go. The construction of Kansai International Airport changed that.

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