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Monaco Grand Prix

The principality of Monaco, holds one of the oldest races on the Formula One automobile racing circuit. The Monaco Grand Prix, held there annually, was first organized by Antony Noghes, a well-to-do cigarette manufacturer and a resident of Monte Carlo, under the auspices of Prince Louis II through the establishing of the "Automobile Club de Monaco" of which Noghes was the founding president.

Grand Prix motor racing came to Monaco in 1929 when the first Grand Prix of Monaco automobile race was held. The inaugural race was won by William Grover-Williams (aka "Williams") driving a Bugatti painted in what would become the famous British racing green color.

As a street race held on the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, it has many elevation shifts, tight corners, and a narrow course that makes it perhaps the most demanding and probably one of the most dangerous tracks still in use in Formula One racing. In many ways, the Monaco course is an anachronism unsuitable for the race category because the narrow streets make it near-impossible to overtake on the track. However, its history and the spectacle of the event are likely to guarantee the event's future for some time yet.

The Grand Prix of Monaco is organized each year by the Automobile Club de Monaco who also runs the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco Kart Cup.

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