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This is about the city in the Netherlands. For other uses, see Middelburg (disambiguation).

Middelburg (population 45,716) is a city in the south-western Netherlands, in the Zeeland province (of which it is the capital), on the peninsula of Walcheren.

Middelburg was granted city rights in 1217. The municipality of Middelburg has an area of 53.04 km² (4.81 km² water), and includes the following towns: Arnemuiden, Kleverskerke, Nieuw- en Sint Joosland, Sint Laurens.

Middelburg is build around an abbey which dates back to the year 844. During the Dutch Golden Age, Middelburg was an important trading city for the Dutch East India Company. The houses in parts of the center are the same kind of lavish mansions of rich merchants that can be found in cities like Amsterdam. There are also many storehouses dating back to the 17th century along the canals. The old city moat is still there, as is one of the city gates.

Railway stations (from west to east): Middelburg, Arnemuiden.

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