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Zeeland is a province of the Netherlands. The province, located in the south-west of the country, consists of a number of islands (hence its name 'Sealand' or (old) Zealand) and a strip bordering Belgium. Its capital is Middelburg. Its population is about 380,000 and its area is about 2930 kmē, of which almost 1140 kmē is water.

From north to south it consists of

A list of the municipalities, with links to maps:

See also: There is one passenger railway, line 12, here with municipalities and official station abbreviations: Vlissingen (vs, vss) - Middelburg (mdb, arn) - Goes (gs) - Kapelle (bzl) - Reimerswaal (krg, kbd, rb) - connecting to Bergen op Zoom (bgn) (Noord-Brabant).

Bus connections (of Connexxion, except # 395) include:

The country of New Zealand was originally named Nieuw-Zeeland after this province by the Dutch. The country is at least one order of magnitude larger than the province and has about 10 times the population. The name "New Zealand" is only one letter away from the literal translation to English: New Sealand. The Z was possibly retained to partially preserve the Dutch pronouncation.

Note. Not to be confused with Zealand, Denmark.

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