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Walcheren is a (former) island in Zeeland in the Netherlands in the mouth of the Scheldt estuary. It lies between the Oosterschelde in the north and the Westerschelde in the south. It has a diamond shape. The two sides on the side of the North Sea consist of dunes the rest of its coastline is made up of dykes. Middelburg lies in the middle, this city is the provincial capital and Vlissingen 9 km to the south is a main harbor. The third municipality is Veere.

Originally Walcheren was an island, but through polders new land has been added to it in past centuries, leading it to be connected to Zuid-Beveland, which in turn has been connected to the mainland.


Already in Roman days the island was the point of departure for ships going to England and it had a temple of the goddess Nahalennia who was popular with those who braved the waters of the North Sea.