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Metro station

Exterior open entrance to a metro station
(Tribunal station in Madrid)

Interior of an underground metro station
(Place-Saint-Henri station in Montreal)

A metro station is a train station for a metro. It is often underground or elevated. At crossings of metro lines they are multi-level.

At street level the logo of the metro company marks the entrance of the station (often a big M, for London Underground a circle with a horizontal bar through the center, see the picture there).

Often there are several entrances for one station, saving one from having to cross the street. In such a case, tunnels or overhead stations can often also be used just to cross the street.

In some cases metro stations can be connected to important buildings by a direct enclosed hallway (see underground city).

Some metro systems, such as that of Montreal, Stockholm, and Moscow, are famous for the beautiful architecture and public art in their metro systems.

Top metro systems by number of stations:

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