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Zielona Góra

Zielona Góra is a city in western Poland with 118,182 inhabotants (1999), situated in the Lubusz Voivodship (since 1999), previously capital of Zielona Góra Voivodship (1975-1998).

This is one of two places in Poland with wine growing (mainly white wines; there is another wine growing region near Warsaw called Warka). The first wineries around Zielona Góra were built in 1314. At Paradyz Abbey near Zielona Góra monks grew wine since 1250. The number of wineyards reached up to 4,000 in the region, and 2,500 in Zielona Góra itself. The most famous wine is called "Monte Verde". During communist times wine growing has been reduced, since 1990 it recovers again.