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London County Council

London County Council (LCC) was the principal local government body for the County of London from 1887 until 1965 (when it was replaced by the Greater London Council. The County of London did not cover all of today's Greater London, and did not have authority over the City of London. It was formed from parts of the administrative counties of Middlesex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent. The LCC had its headquarters at County Hall.

The Metropolitan Boroughs of the County of London were

There boroughs were created in 1899, ten years after the LCC had been set up.

Along with the expansion of Greater London, these metropolition boroughs were merged to form 12 London boroughs, which were termed Inner London.

Prior to its formation, many of London's services (such as roads, bridges and water services) had been run by the Metropolitan Board of Works, abolished in 1889.