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List of Mongol Khan

Table of contents
1 Grand Khan of the Mongol Empire
2 Ilkhanate
3 Yuan Dynasty
4 Outer Mongolia

Grand Khan of the Mongol Empire

Before Chinggis Khan, a lot of tribal chiefs called themselves "Khan". The Great Khan was called Khaan (Khaghan).

Sometimes Arigh Bukha is counted as the 5th Great Khan.


Hulagu Khan

Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan Dynasty had suzerain over the Mongol Empire, but it became nominal during Khubilai's reign.

During the reign of Toghun Temür Khan, the Yuan Dynasty retreated from China.

The following Khad are successors of Dayan Khan and directly ruled Chakhar. They had suzerainty over other Mongol tümed, but was unable to exercise their authority over them.

Lingdan Khan's son Ejei surrendered to Hong Taiji and the title of Grand Khan was succeeded by Manchu Emperors.

Outer Mongolia