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Hong Taiji

Hong Taiji (ch 皇太極 Huang Taiji), sometimes called Abahai (1592 - 1643, r. 1627 - 1643) was the Manchu emperor who founded the Qing Dynasty in 1636.

He was the eighth son of Nurhaci. He was the second ruler of the new Jin Dynasty founded by his father. He renamed it to Qing as he found the name Jin reminded the Han people the distasteful conflict between the old Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) and Song Dynasty.

Strictly speaking, he was the true first Emperor of Qing. However, his father was honoured to be the founder and Shunzhi, who gained control of the whole China in 1644, was honoured to be the first emperor.

It was believed that Huang Taiji was assassinated in 1643 by his official, just few months before his army seized control of Beijing.

Preceded by:
Tianming Emperor of the Manchus
Qing Dynasty Succeeded by:
Shunzhi Emperor of China