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Dayan Khan

Dayan Khan (given name: Batu Möngke; ?-1543?), was a Mongol Khan who reconstructed the Mongol Empire.

As a direct descendant of Khubilai, he ascended to the throne in 1487. He was true to his name Dayan, which means great Yuan. He reunified the Mongol retainers of the Yuan Dynasty. Tribal chiefs took his sons as the heads. Almost all princes in Mongolia were his descendants.

The Mongols were reorganized by tümen (lit. ten thousand) under him as follows.

Right Wing: Chakhar, Khalkha and Uriyangkhan
Left Wing: Ordus, Tümed and Yöngshiyebü
Others: Ongluud, Öjiyed, Asud and Kharachin

Dayan Khan and his successors led the Chakhar tümen.

Altan Khan was his grandson.