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List of collective nouns for birds

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auks A raft of auks Uncertain
birds A dissimulation of birds
birds A volery of birds
bitterns A sedge of bitterns
bitterns A siege of bitterns
bullfinches A bellowing of bullfinches
buzzards A wake of buzzards
capons A mews of capons
chickens A peep of chickens
chicks A clutch of chicks
hens A brood of hens
poultry A run of poultry
Choughs A chattering of choughs
choughs A clattering of choughs
coots A cover of coots
coots A raft of coots
cormorants A flight of cormorants
cranes A sedge of cranes
crows A hover of crows
crows A murder of crows
crows A storytelling of crows
curlews A head of curlews
dotterel A trip of dotterel
doves A dole of doves
doves A dule of doves
doves A flight of doves
doves A piteousness of doves
doves A pitying of doves
doves A prettying of doves
ducks A dopping of ducks (diving)
ducks A plump of ducks (flying)
ducks A paddling of ducks (on water)
ducks A flush of ducks
ducks A raft of ducks
ducks A team of ducks
dunlin A fling of dunlin
eagles A convocation of eagles
falcons A cast of falcons
finches A charm of finches
finches A trembing of finches
finches A trimming of finches
flamingoes A stand of flamingoes
goldfinches A drum of goldfinches
goldfinches A troubling of goldfinches
goldfinches A charm of goldfinches
geese A wedge of geese (flying)
geese A flock of geese
geese A gaggle of geese
geese A nide of geese
geese A skein of geese
goshawks A flight of goshawks
grouse A covey of grouse
grouse A lek of grouse Uncertain
grouse A pack of grouse
guillemots A bazaar of guillemots
gulls A colony of gulls
gulls A screech of gulls
hawks A cast of hawks
hawks A kettle of hawks
herons A siege of herons
hummingbirds A charm of hummingbirds
jays A band of jays
jays A party of jays
jays A scold of jays Uncertain
lapwings A deceit of lapwings
lapwings A desert of lapwings
larks An exaltation of larks
magpies A tiding(s) of magpies
mallards A lute of mallards Uncertain
mallards A sord of mallards
martens A richness of martens
mudhen A fleet of mudhen Uncertain
nightingales A watch of nightingales
owls A parliament of owls
owls A stare of owls
parrots A company of parrots
parrots A pandemonium of parrots Uncertain
partridges A bew of partridges Uncertain
partridges A covey of partridges
peacocks A muster of peacocks
peacocks A pride of peacocks
peacocks An ostentation of peacocks
penguins A colony of penguins
penguins A creche of penguins
penguins A huddle of penguins
penguins A parcel of penguins Uncertain
penguins A rookery of penguins Spurious
pheasants A bouquet of pheasants
pheasants A covey of pheasants
pheasants A nye of pheasants
pigeons A kit of pigeons Uncertain
pigeons A loft of pigeons
plovers A congregation of plovers
quail A bevy of quail
quail A covey of quail
ravens A conspiracy of ravens
ravens An unkindness of ravens
rooks A building of rooks
rooks A clamour of rooks
rooks A parliament of rooks
ruffs A hill of ruffs
sandpipers A fling of sandpipers
sea fowl A cloud of sea fowl
seagulls A flock of seagulls
sheldrakes A doading of sheldrakes
snipe A walk of snipe
snipe A wisp of snipe
sparrows A host of sparrows
sparrows A quarrel of sparrows
sparrows A ubiquity of sparrows
starlings A murmuration of starlings
storks A muster of storks
storks A phalanx of storks Uncertain
swallows A flight of swallows
swallows A gulp of swallows Spurious
swans A wedge of swans (flying)
swans A bank of swans
swans A bevy of swans
swans A whiteness of swans
swans An eyrar of swans Uncertain
teal A diving of teal
teal A spring of teal
thrushes A mutation of thrushes
turkeys A raffle of turkeys
turkeys A rafter of turkeys
Turtle Doves A pitying of turtledoves
waterfowl A knob of waterfowl Uncertain
waterfowl A plump of waterfowl
Wigeon A coil of widgeon
woodpeckers A descent of woodpeckers