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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a RPG game that was released in fall of 2002, which is notable for being the result of a collaboration between the video game manufacturer and producer Squaresoft and the Walt Disney Company.

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Kingdom Hearts revolves around the character of Sora who fights the evil villains of The Heartless. The game's theme song was composed by Yoko Shimomura.

The game featured many other characters from animated Disney films and characters from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy games.


In Kingdom Hearts, an evil villain has used The Heartless to tear down the walls between the many worlds. Lead character Sora, as well as popular Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy must travel to each of these, using the mighty Keyblade sword to seal the entrances to the hearts of the worlds before The Heartless can destroy them. The villain himself seeks to find the door into utter Darkness. Sora's friend, Riku, has been bewitched by the Darkness, and makes several attempts on his life.

Final Mix and Sequel

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the Japanese edition of the game, several events are added. The game ends with what many fans assume to be the trailer for Kingdom Hearts II, a sequel which has recently been announced. In Kingdom Hearts II, Mickey Mouse joins the fight against the villain, cloaked and armed as a Jedi Knight.


The many "worlds" in which the game takes place include various Disney settings. They include, but are not limited to:

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