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Kathryn Janeway

Kathryn Janeway, a character in the fictional Star Trek universe played by Kate Mulgrew, was the captain of the Starship Voyager in the science fiction television series Star Trek Voyager.

Throughout the series, she maintained a steadfast goal of getting out of the Delta Quadrant and back home to Earth. Along the way, Captain Janeway (or "Cathy" as Q liked to call her, perhaps in reference to Wuthering Heights) spent much time helping other crew members grow and deal with their situation. Hard as nails, the good Captain nearly sacrificed herself many times to help out her crew.

Her first major task was integrating the Maquis crew that was transported with them after their ship was destroyed during a battle. Commander Chakotay, captain of the Maquis ship, became second-in-command of the newly integrated crew.

Other important interactions Captain Janeway had with the crew:

The Captain took her crew very seriously and worked hard to help them become something greater than they were.

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In Star Trek: Nemesis Janeway is shown as an Admiral.

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