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Starship Voyager

Voyager is a fictional starship in the television program Star Trek: Voyager.

Starship Voyager:
Federation Designation: NCC-74656
Intrepid Class Starship
Maximum cruising velocity - Warp 9.975
Crew complement: 141

With variable geometry nacelle warp drive it is able to go faster than the warp 5 speed limit without damaging the fabric of space-time, an effect conventional warp drives had until the starship Enterprise 1701-D encountered subspace ruptures in a highly travelled area of space in the Alpha Quadrant, after which Starfleet Command instituted the warp 5 limit.

It is a small but highly advanced Federation vessel which was pulled into the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy by an alien entity known as the Caretaker. As the only Federation starship in the quadrant, Captain Kathryn Janeway is determined to find a way to Earth, however even travelling at maximum speed, it would take 75 years to return to Federation space.