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International movement for an imaginist Bauhaus

"... a swiss architect, Max Bill, has undertaken to restructure the Bauhaus where Klee and Kandinsky taught. He wishes to make an academy without painting, without research into the imagination, fantasy, signs, symbols - all he wants is technical instuction. In the name of experimental artists I intend to create an International Movement For An Imaginist Bauhaus."

Asger Jorn to Enrico Baj December 1953

The movement was founded in Alba, Piedmont, Italy in Spetember 1955 by Jorn, Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio, and Piero Simondo.

Sergio Dangelo and Elena Verrone were also involved in this movement. Piero Simondo edited the magazine Eristica for the group.

Baj sent Jorn a copy of Potlatch, the information bulletin of the Lettrist International in 1954.

There was one issue of Eristica, their journal issued in July 1956.

On July 28th 1957 the IMIB fused with the Lettrist International and the London Psychogeographical Association to form the Situationist International. Baj was excluded from this process.