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Asger Jorn

Asger Jorn (March 3, 1914 - May 1, 1973) was born in Vejrum, Jutland, Denmark under the name Oluf Jørgensen. Sometimes also called Asgar Jorn. He was a brother to Jørgen Nash. In 1936 he went to Paris to join Fernand Léger's Académie Contemporaine. During the Nazi occupation of Denmark Jorn was an active communist in the resistance. He participated in the art group Høst.

After the occupation was over, room for critical thinking was curtailed by more centralised political control. Jorn found this unacceptable and broke with the Danish Communist Party whilst remaining a lifelong communist. He was a founder member of Cobra and was a prime mover of their subsequent merger with the Lettriste Internationale and London Psychogeographical Association to form the Situationist International (S.I.). Here he applied his scientific and mathematical knowledge drawn from Henri Poincaré and Niels Bohr to develop his situlogical technique.

In 1961 he left the S.I. to found the Scandinavian Institute of Comparative Vandalism.

His philosophical system Triolectics was given a practical manifestation through the development of Three sided football.\n