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London Psychogeographical Association

The London Psychogeographical Association (LPA) is the subject of much debate and dispute. It is still unsure whether it ever even existed.

It was originally used by the British artist Ralph Rumney and dissolved into the Situationist International in Italy, in 1957. Ralph was soon to be expelled from the SI alegedly for failing to submit a psychogeographical report on time.

An independent incarnation (the East London Section) was founded around 1994, by Fabian Tompsett (as Richard Essex and later also William Bussex and Richard "Sedgemoor" Bussex) with a psychogeographical trip to Roisa's Cave in Royston and the issue of the LPA Newsletter.

It was around this time that the LPA colaborated with the Neoist Alliance on the foundation of a New Lettrist International. This lead to added confusion around the LPA, with various academics and writers attributing the LPA Newsletter to Stewart Home who was far more involved with the NA (which also self-published its newsletter ''.

In Issue 18, the LPA announced a break from the Christian calendar and the adoption of a Modern Khemetic system.

The LPA was 'disbanded' in 1998 and soon after, the LPA Historification committee was founded.

In 2000, however, evoL PsychogeogrAphix issued a text claiming that "since the LPA didn't exist in the first place, it cannot cease to exist."