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Henry II of Champagne

Henry II of Champagne (c.1166-1197), was count of Champagne from 1181 to 1197, and king of Jerusalem from 1192 to 1197.

Henry was the eldest son of Henry I of Champagne and Marie de Champagne. He was about 15 when his father died, and his mother ruled as regent until 1187.

In 1190 left for the east, after having his barons swear to recognize his younger brother Thibaut as his successor should he fail to return. In Palestine he married Isabella, the daughter of Amalric I of Jerusalem by his second marriage, becoming king of Jerusalem in right of his wife in 1192. The couple had two daughters, Alice and Philippa of Champagne.

Henry died in 1197, under mysterious circumstances, falling from a tower. He left behind several difficulties for Champagne. He had borrowed a great deal of money to finance his expedition to Jerusalem, and for his marriage; and the succession to the county would later be contested by his daughters.

Preceded by:
Conrad of Montferrat
Kingdom of Jerusalem Followed by:
Amalric II of Jerusalem

Preceded by:
Marie (regent)
Count of Champagne Succeeded by:
Thibaut III