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Theobald III of Champagne

Theobald III of Champagne (d. 1201) was count of Champagne from 1197 to 1201.

Theobald was the younger son of Henry I of Champagne and Marie, a daughter of Louis VII of France. He succeeded as count of Champagne in 1197 upon the death of his older brother Henry II.

In 1198, Pope Innocent III called the Fourth Crusade. There was little enthusiasm for the crusade at first, but in 1200 various nobles of France gathered at Theobald's court for a tournament, including the preacher Fulk of Neuilly. There, they "took the cross," and elected Theobald their leader, but he died the next year and was replaced by Boniface of Montferrat.

Theobald married Blanche of Navarre, and was succeeded by his posthumous son by Blanche, Theobald IV. She was to rule as regent for the following 21 years, during which the succession was contested by Theobald's nieces.

Preceded by:
Henry II
Count of Champagne Succeeded by:
Theobald IV