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Isabella of Jerusalem

Isabella of Jerusalem (1170-1205) was Queen of Jerusalem from 1192 to 1205. She was the daughter of Amalric I of Jerusalem and Maria Comnena, daughter of Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus.

Isabella was married four times. Her husbands were:

  1. Humphrey IV of Toron. They married in 1183. The marriage was annulled so Isabella could marry her second husband.
  2. Conrad of Montferrat, who died in 1192 when he was stabbed to death by Assassins. They had one daughter, Maria of Montferrat (born c.1192).
  3. Henry II of Champagne, who she married in 1192. He died in 1197 when he fell out of a tower window. They had two daughters, Alice (born 1196) and Philippa of Champagne.
  4. Amalric II of Jerusalem (also Amalric I of Cyprus), brother of Guy of Lusignan. He died in 1205, shortly before his wife. They had two daughters, Sybilla and Melisende of Lusignan, and one son.

On her death in 1205, she was succeeded by her daughter Maria of Montferrat.