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Marie de Champagne

Marie Capet, Countess of Champagne (1145 - 1198), was the elder daughter of Louis VII of France and his first wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. In about 1164, Marie married Henry I, Count of Champagne. They had two sons: Henry II (c.1166-1197), Count of Champagne, also became King of Jerusalem, and his younger brother Theobald (or Thibaut) III (c.1179-1201), Count of Champagne (1197-1201).

After Henry I's death in 1181, Marie acted as regent from 1181 to 1187.

Marie is remembered today mainly for her role in the heresy that was the target of the Albigensian Crusade.

Preceded by:
Henry I
Count of Champagne Succeeded by:
Henry II