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Gyeongbu Line

The Gyeongbu Line (경부선; 京釜線) is the most important railway line in South Korea and one of the oldest, connecting Seoul to Suweon, Daejeon, Daegu, and Busan. The Gyeongbu Line is by far the most heavily travelled rail line in South Korea, and intercity, express, and trains provide frequent service along its entire length.

The Gyeongbu Line is the major route out of Seoul Station, and in addition to regular departures for Busan, trains travel along the Gyeongbu Line en route to Janghang, Gwangju, Mokpo, Suncheon, Yeosu, Pohang, Ulsan, Haeundae, Masan, and Jinju. Trains for Jecheon, Andong, and Yeongju also operate along sections of the Gyeongbu Line.

The most frequent passenger service on the line is provided by Seoul Subway Line 1 on the section between Seoul Station, Guro (where roughly half the subway trains leave the Gyeongbu Line to head out to Incheon via the Gyeongin Line), and Suweon.

The Gyeongbu Line is currently 6-tracked from Seoul to Guro, 4-tracked from Guro to Suweon, and double-tracked from Suweon all the way to Busan. The section from Suweon to Daejeon was being doubled to 4 tracks in the early 2000s.

The table below gives the English, Hangeul, and Hanja names of the major stations and junctions on the Gyeongbu Line, together with connecting passenger lines and the cities served directly and indirectly by the connecting lines.

StationHangeulHanjaConnecting LineTo...Connections to...Comments
Seoul서울n/aGyeongeui LineDorasanGyeongeui Line originally went to Kaesŏng, P'yŏngyang, and Shinŭiju in what is now North Korea
Yongsan용산龍山Gyeongweon LineEuijeongbu, ShintanniGyeongweon Line originally went to Wŏnsan in what is now North Korea
Guro구로Gyeongin LineIncheon
Suweon수원Terminus of Seoul Subway Line 1
Cheonan천안Janghang LineJanghang
Jochiweon조치원Chungbuk LineCheongju, ChungjuJecheon, Andong
Daejeon대전大田Honam LineIksan, Gwangju, MokpoJeonju, Suncheon, Yeosu, JinjuHonam Line trains actually stop at Seodaejeon (서대전; 西大田; "West Daejeon"), a few km west of Daejeon Station
Gimcheon김천金川Gyeongbuk LineYeongjuGangneung
Daegu대구大邱Dongdaegu (not Daegu) is the major station for Daegu
("East Daegu")
동대구東大邱Daegu LineYeongcheonYeongju, Andong, Jecheon, Gyeongju, Pohang, Ulsan
Samnangjin삼랑진Gyeongjeon LineMasan, Jinju, Suncheon, GwangjuMokpo
Sasang구포Gaya LineHaeundae
Busanjin부산진Donghae Bukbu LineHaeundae, Ulsan, Gyeongju, PohangCheongnyangni, Gangneung
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