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Gyeongin Line

The Gyeongin Line (Gyeonginseon (경인선; 京仁線) in Korean) was the first railway line built on the Korean peninsula, built in 1899 and connecting Noryangjin to Incheon. Soon after, the line was extended across the Han River into Seoul. When the section of the Gyeongbu Line from Guro to Busan was completed, the Seoul-Guro section of the Gyeongin Line became part of the Gyeongbu Line. The Korean National Railroad operated regular passenger service along the Gyeongin Line until the early 1970s, when it began operating Line 1 of the Seoul Subway. Line 1 trains provide frequent service between Seoul, Yongsan, Guro, and Incheon, as well as to Suweon, Cheongnyangni, Euijeongbu.