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Area:1,040 km²
Inhabitants:229,869 (2001)
pop. density:221 people/km²
Administrative districs: 1 Eup, 7 Myeons, 13 Dongs
Mayor:Kiseob Shim

Gangneung-si (강릉시; 江陵市) is a city on the east coast of South Korea. It has a population of 230,000 (as of 2003). Gangneung is an administrative division of Gangwon Province and the economic centre of the region. There are a number of historical remains, including an ancient shrine (Ojukhyon) and Gyongpodae. Gangneung is a national tourist destination, offering good bathing facilities in the East Sea (Sea of Japan). There is an airbase of the US military based in Gangneung.

Symbols of Gangneung

The flag of the city shows a red sun in the centre and blue wave in front, on a white background. The sun represents the sunrise, the wave the sea. The flower of the city is the crape myrtle, the tree of the city is the pine tree, its bird the swan. The animal of Gangneung is the tiger.


Gangneung is considered special in that is has both access to a lake and the sea. Gyongpodae is a legedary place overlooking Gangneung's lake. It's said that one can see the moon five times when at Gyongpodae. This is once in the sky, once reflected in the lake, once reflected in the sea, once reflected in the drinking glass and once more in the eyes of the lover. The site of Gyongpodae is known for its beautiful location east of the centre of the city.


Sunrises, especially the first in the New Year, are important in traditional Korean culture. The Jeongdongjin beach in Gangneung is a popular place to enjoy a sunrise.

Sister Cities

Gangneung is twinned with the cities of Jichibu in Japan, Jasing and Jingjow in China. The city is in active exchange with all these three sister cities.

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