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Gundam is a collective term for the official Universal Century (UC) series like Mobile Suit Gundam and Alternate Universe (AU) series, such as Gundam Wing. It is one of the earliest and still long-running series of Japanese animations that feature giant robot mecha in Japan.

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1 The animated Gundam series are (in order of release):
2 Gundam Universes:
3 Superdeformed Gundam
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The animated Gundam series are (in order of release):

Gundam Universes:

Most early Gundam works take place in the
Universal Century universe, which is considered the primary Gundam universe. Later some series take place in alternate universes: G Gundam takes place in the Fight Century universe, Gundam Wing takes place in the After Colony universe, Gundam X takes in the After War universe, ∀ Gundam takes place in the Correct Century, and Gundam Seed takes place in the Cosmic Era.

Superdeformed Gundam

Main article: Superdeformed Gundam

A superdeformed Gundam parody series. These are wild comedic stories that feature characters, machines, and setting from the "real" series. SD Gundam consists of, in order of release:

Related Topics:


Bandai, the primary licensee of the Gundam trademark, makes a variety of products for the Gundam fan. Other companies produce unofficial toys, models, t-shirts, etc.

Categories of products include the Mobile Suit In Action or MSiA action figures, and Gundam Models in several scales and complexity levels. Generally, each series listed above will have its own set of products, although the MSiA and Gundam Models lines, such as High Grade Universal Century may extend across series.

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