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Universal Century

In the Gundam anime series, Universal Century is a term describing the age starting in the year 2080 A.D., when the colonization of near Earth space begins. It is considered to be the primary Gundam timeline.

Table of contents
1 Universal Century Gundam Series:
2 Pre One-Year War:
3 The One-Year War
4 Operation Stardust (Gundam 0083)
5 The AEUG/Titan Conflict (Zeta Gundam)
6 The Neo-Zeon Conquest (Double Zeta Gundam)
7 (name)
8 Char's Counterattack
9 (name)
10 Cosmo Babylonia
11 The Zanscare Empire

Universal Century Gundam Series:

Pre One-Year War:

;UC 0001
With Earth's population at 9 billion, an ambitious space colonization program begins. The calendar is changed to the Universal Century era.
;UC 0010
The Jupiter Energy Fleet is reorganized as the Jupiter Development Enterprise Group.
;UC 0016
The Earth Federation government establishes the Frontier Settlement Transport Bureau.
;UC 0027
Von Braun City, the first permanent lunar settlement, is completed.
;UC 0030
The Federation government privatizes the Frontier Settlement Transport Bureau, which becomes the Space Transport Enterprise Group.
;UC 0034
The Federation government again reorganizes the Space Transport Enterprise Group, forming the Public Corporation of Space Transport (PCST), an independent non-governmental organization.
;UC 0035
Construction of Side 3 begins.
;UC 0040
40% of the total population (about 5 billion people) have migrated to space.
;UC 0045
The asteroid Juno (later known as Luna II) is placed in lunar orbit. The Minovsky Physics Society is founded at Side 3.
;UC 0047
Development of the Minovsky-Ionesco fusion reactor begins.
;UC 0050
The total population reaches 11 billion, of whom 9 billion have migrated to space.
;UC 0051
The Federation government halts development of new colonies.
;UC 0052
Zeon Zum Deikun moves to Side 3 and begins to propagate his philosophy of Contolism.
;UC 0055
The Buffo Conzern is established.
;UC 0058
Side 3 declares its independence, and the Republic of Zeon is founded. A national guard is formed.
;UC 0059
The Federation government applies economic pressure against Side 3.
;UC 0060
The Federal Forces launch the '60s Armament Reinforcement Plan, concentrating on their space forces. Luna II is converted into a military base.
;UC 0062
The Zeon national guard is elevated to the status of a full-fledged military.
;UC 0064
The Federal Forces hold a naval review. The new spaceships developed as part of the Armament Reinforcement Plan take center stage.
;UC 0065
The Minovsky Physics Society observes a unique electromagnetic wave effect within the Minovsky-Ionesco fusion reactor.
;UC 0067
The Federation government rejects a motion for colonial autonomy.
;UC 0068
Zeon Zum Deikun dies. Degwin Sodo Zabi succeeds him as leader. The Buffo Conzern purchases the name of Europe's Ronah family.
;UC 0069.08.15
The Principality of Zeon is established, with Degwin Sodo Zabi as sovereign. Zeon Zum Deikun's followers are purged.
;UC 0069.10
The Army of the Principality commissions the first Papua-class transport ship.
;UC 0070.03
The Army of the Principality successfully experiments with the Minovsky effect.
;UC 0070.05
The Army of the Principality completes the mega particle gun.
;UC 0070.06
The Army of the Principality commissions the first Chivvay-class heavy cruiser.
;UC 0070.10
The Federal Forces' '70s Armament Reinforcement Plan produces the Salamis-class cruiser and Magellan-class battleship.
;UC 0070.12
Luna II is moved to a position in Earth orbit opposite that of the moon in order to help construct Side 7.
;UC 0071
The Army of the Principality begins development of new weapons for use under Minovsky particle conditions. The compact fusion reactor is completed. Gihren Zabi proclaims his "Master Race Theory".
;UC 0072
The Principality of Zeon begins construction of the asteroid base Axis, in the asteroid belt. Scandal involving the defection of a Zeon scientist.
;UC 0073
The Army of the Principality completes the first of a new type of weapon. It is dubbed the mobile suit (MS).
;UC 0074.02
The Army of the Principality rolls out the prototype MS-05, equipped with a Minovsky fusion reactor.
;UC 0074.04
The Army of the Principality commissions the first of an improved series of Papua-class transport ship.
;UC 0075.05
The Army of the Principality rolls out a combat-ready version of the MS-05 Zaku.
;UC 0075.07
The Army of the Principality commissions the first Musai-class light cruiser and decides to mass-produce the MS-05.
;UC 0075.11
The Army of the Principality forms a mobile suit training battalion.
;UC 0076.03
The Army of the Principality commissions the first Gwazine-class battleship.
;UC 0076.04
The Army of the Principality expands its mobile suit production facilities.
;UC 0076.05
Amid total secrecy, the Army of the Principality's training battalion begins practicing combat maneuvers.
;UC 0076.06
The Army of the Principality commissions the first Zanzibar-class mobile cruiser.
;UC 0076.12
In anticipation of an Earth invasion, the Army of the Principality begins development of localized mobile suits.
;UC 0077.08
The Army of the Principality rolls out the prototype MS-06A Zaku.
;UC 0077.09
The Army of the Principality begins trial production of the MS-06C Zaku.
;UC 0078.01
The Army of the Principality begins mass production of the MS-06C Zaku.
;UC 0078.02
Inter-colony transportation accidents become frequent.
;UC 0078.03
The Federal Forces secretly begin mobile suit development. Several projects are begun simultaneously as part of the RX Plan.
;UC 0078.04
The Federal Forces strengthen their colony garrisons.
;UC 0078.05
Migration begins to Side 7's incomplete first colony.
;UC 0078.06
The Army of the Principality begins development of the Tivvay, a heavy cruiser of the Chivvay class.
;UC 0078.10
The Principality of Zeon announces a state of national mobilization. The military is divided into a Space Attack Force and a Mobile Assault Force.
;UC 0078.11
The Federal Forces hold another naval review.
;UC 0078.12
The Army of the Principality secretly begins development of the Dolos-class carrier.

The One-Year War

;UC 0079.01.03

The One Year War begins. The period from January 3 through 10 becomes known as the One Week War. The Principality of Zeon declares war against the Earth Federal Government, simultaneously launching surprise attacks on Sides 1, 2 and 4. NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) weapons are used indiscriminately, and a colony drop operation drastically changes Earth's climate.
;UC 0079.01.11
Side 6 declares itself neutral.
;UC 0079.01.15
The Loum Campaign. The Federal Forces space fleet is wiped out, and the Army of the Principality captures fleet commander General Revil.
;UC 0079.01.31
The Antarctic Treaty is signed.
;UC 0079.02.01
The Army of the Principality proclaims the formation of the Earth Attack Force.
;UC 0079.02.07
The Army of the Principality begins its Earth invasion operation.
;UC 0079.03.01
The Army of the Principality stages its first drop operation.
;UC 0079.03.04
The Army of the Principality drops resource mining forces.
;UC 0079.03.11
The Army of the Principality stages its second drop operation.
;UC 0079.03.13
The Army of the Principality captures the Federal Forces' California base.
;UC 0079.03.18
The Army of the Principality stages its third drop operation.
;UC 0079.04.01
The Federal Forces launch "Operation V" and the "Vinson Plan". Using mobile suit facilities and factories now under development, the Federal Forces begin mobile suit pilot training.
;UC 0079.04.04
The Army of the Principality drops reserve forces. Using captured resources and facilities, the Principality begins building up its military power.
;UC 0079.05
The space fortress Solomon is completed.
;UC 0079.06
The Army of the Principality completes its line of defense, consisting of the space fortresses Solomon and A Baoa Qu and the lunar base Granada. The Flanagan Institute is established.
;UC 0079.07
The Federal Forces succeed in miniaturizing beam weapons using energy CAP (capacitor) technology. White Base is launched. Rollout of the first Gundam. With the RX-78 completed, the RX-79 plan gets rolling. Production of pre-production type begins and, starting with major bases, it is distributed on a test basis. At the same time, development of various weapons for mobile suit support begins.
;UC 0079.08
The Federal Forces begin final testing of the Gundam at Side 7. Development of the NT-1 begins at the Augusta base.
;UC 0079.09.18
Army of the Principality special forces assault Side 7's 1 Bunch colony. White Base departs.
;UC 0079.10
The Federal Forces begin genuine production of mobile suits. The Army of the Principality counters by fielding a succession of new machines and prototypes. The Flanagan Institute completes a prototype psycho-communicator (psycommu) system.
;UC 0079.10.04
Earth Attack Force commander Garma Zabi is killed in action.
;UC 0079.10.06
Gihren Zabi's speech is broadcast worldwide.
;UC 0079.11.07
The Federal Forces launch Operation Odessa.
;UC 0079.11.09
Operation Odessa is completed. From Europe through Asia, the Army of the Principality's power begins to collapse.
;UC 0079.11.10
The Federal Forces hold a naval review. They do not publicly announce that they now have mobile suits.
;UC 0079.11.30
The Army of the Principality launches a drop operation against Jaburo. The attack on the Jaburo base fails.
;UC 0079.12.05
The Federal Forces launch mopping-up operations in Africa and North America.
;UC 0079.12.09
An Army of the Principality special forces unit attacks the Federal Forces' Arctic base.
;UC 0079.12.14
The Federal Forces begin Operation Star One.
;UC 0079.12.24
The Battle of Solomon. The Army of the Principality is defeated, Solomon is captured and Space Attack Force commander Dozle Zabi is killed in action.
;UC 0079.12.30
The Army of the Principality carries out Operation Solar Ray. Sovereign Degwin is killed, and the Federal Forces' Revil fleet is wiped out.
;UC 0079.12.31
A Baoa Qu falls. Aiguille Delaz and his followers withdraw from the battlefield.
;UC 0080.01.01
The One Year War ends. The Earth Federation government and Republic of Zeon conclude a peace accord on the moon. After preliminary negotiations at Anman, the formal signing takes place at Granada. Aiguille Delaz rallies remnants of the Army of the Principality who refused to go to Axis and reorganizes his forces.

Operation Stardust (Gundam 0083)

;UC 0080.03

Delaz's fleet relocates to a shoal area and begins construction of the base "Garden of Thorns."
;UC 0080.06
The Federal Forces announce the disarmament of the former Principality forces on the African front.
;UC 0081.03.14
The Buffo Conzern establishes a vocational training school in order to return some of its profits to the community.
;UC 0081.03.28
Remnants of the Army of the Principality arrive at the asteroid base Axis.
;UC 0081.05.05
Dozle Zabi's wife Zenna dies of an illness at Axis.
;UC 0081.08.15
To mark the anniversary of the Principality of Zeon's foundation, the Delaz Fleet begins guerilla activity.
;UC 0081.10.03
The Federation Assembly approves the Federal Forces Reconstruction Plan.
;UC 0081.10.20
As part of the Federal Forces Reconstruction Plan, the "Gundam Development Project" is secretly launched.
;UC 0081.11
The Delaz Fleet and the Axis confirm their alliance.
;UC 0082.04
The Federal Forces secretly establish newtype research agencies.
;UC 0082.05
The first Colony Reclamation Project is started. Transfer of repairable colonies from Side 4 to Side 3 begins.
;UC 0082.12
The Delaz Fleet begins mobile suit development in its factory plants at the Garden of Thorns.
;UC 0083.01
The Delaz Fleet confirms the existence of the Gundam Development Project.
;UC 0083.03
The Delaz Fleet plans a major resistance operation and strengthens relations with anti-Federation forces.
;UC 0083.05
The Delaz Fleet starts production of the MS-21C.
;UC 0083.07.30
The plans for "Operation Stardust" are drafted.
;UC 0083.08.09
Axis leader Maharaja Khan dies.
;UC 0083.08.11
16-year-old Haman Khan is inaugurated as Mineva Zabi's regent.
;UC 0083.09
The Axis succeed in developing the new alloy "Gundarium gamma."
;UC 0083.09.18
Rollout of the RX-78GP02A at Anaheim Electronics' Von Braun factory.
;UC 0083.09.29
Rollout of the RX-78GP01 and Fb (Full Vernian) conversion parts at Anaheim Electronics' Von Braun factory.
;UC 0083.10.04
Rollout of the RX-78GP03 at Anaheim Electronics' Von Braun factory.
;UC 0083.10.07
The Albion collects the GP01 and GP02A at Anaheim Electronics' Von Braun factory, then departs for the Federal Forces' Torrington base in Australia for tests under gravity.
;UC 0083.10.09
Major Gato lands in Africa and joins with terrestrial remnants of the Army of the Principality.
;UC 0083.10.13
The Albion arrives at the Torrington base. The GP02A and its nuclear warhead are captured.
;UC 0083.10.14
Major Gato and the GP02A escape in the direction of Africa. The Albion begins pursuit.
;UC 0083.10.16
The Albion arrives in Africa and begins its search for the Zeon base.
;UC 0083.10.23
The GP02A escapes to orbit in an HLV (Heavy-lift Launch Vehicle). The Kimberlite base surrenders.
;UC 0083.10.25
Cima's fleet joins the Delaz Fleet.
;UC 0083.10.28
Trials of the GP03 begin at Anaheim Electronics' large dock ship La Vie En Rose.
;UC 0083.10.31
The Delaz declaration. The Delaz Fleet's declaration of war is broadcast throughout the Earth sphere.
;UC 0083.11.01
The second Colony Reclamation Project is started. Transfer of repairable colonies from Side 1 to Side 3 begins.
;UC 0083.11.02
The Albion arrives at the lunar city of Von Braun.
;UC 0083.11.03
A camouflaged Delaz Fleet ferry ship enters Von Braun's resource intake port.
;UC 0083.11.04
Leaving the moon, the Albion sets course for the Sea of Solomon.
;UC 0083.11.08
The Federal Forces battleship Birmingham battles Cima's fleet.
;UC 0083.11.10
The first Federal Forces naval review in four years is attacked by the Delaz Fleet. 60% of the participating vessels are immobilized or worse. At the same time two colonies are hijacked in mid-transfer, and one begins falling toward the moon. The Federal Forces' remaining naval vessels hurriedly set forth from Konpei Island.
;UC 0083.11.11
The Delaz Fleet receives the mobile armor Neue Ziel from the Axis Advance Fleet. The colony's course is changed to an Earth-bound orbit. The Albion launches, accompanied by the GP03.
;UC 0083.11.12
The GP03 does battle with the Delaz Fleet and the Neue Ziel. Using the Solar System II, the Federal Forces unsuccessfully attempt to stop the colony's descent.
;UC 0083.11.13
The colony falls on the North American continent.
;UC 0083.11.23
Some court-martials connected with the Delaz conflict are tried.
;UC 0083.12.04
The Titans are formed at the urging of Brigadier General Jamitov Heimann, and the hunt for former Principality forces is intensified.
;UC 0084.03.10
The truth about the colony fall and the details of the Gundam Development Project are erased from official records. The sentences of participants are also nullified.

The AEUG/Titan Conflict (Zeta Gundam)

;UC 0084.06.17
After reorganizing the Sides, the Federation Assembly declares that the status quo of the Earth sphere will be maintained.
;UC 0084.07.08
The Buffo Conzern finishes its spherical colony.
;UC 0084.09.21
Char Aznable returns to the Earth sphere and illegally obtains the Federal Forces' military register.
;UC 0085.07.31
The 30 Bunch incident. The Titans pump poison gas into Side 1's 30 Bunch colony, massacring its inhabitants. In response, anti-Earth Federation government movements intensify. The Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) is organized.
;UC 0085.09.08
Construction of Gryps 2 begins at Side 7.
;UC 0086.02.06
The asteroid Axis begins its journey to the Earth sphere.
;UC 0087.03.02
The AEUG steals three prototype Titans mobile suits.
;UC 0087.03.16
The AEUG attacks a solar power satellite.
;UC 0087.03.18
The Ahgama enters Side 1's 30 Bunch colony.
;UC 0087.03.25
The Ahgama enters Anman City.
;UC 0087.04.29
Jupitoris, last of the Jupiter energy transport ships, returns to the Earth sphere.
;UC 0087.05.03
The Ahgama encounters the Temptation. Bright Noa joins the AEUG.
;UC 0087.05.11
The AEUG attacks the Federal Forces' Jaburo base. The base is destroyed by a nuclear time bomb. The AEUG joins forces with the Kalaba.
;UC 0087.05.22
The AEUG's MS force and the Kalaba's Audhumla reach the Kennedy base.
;UC 0087.06.08
The Titans relocate Gryps 2 and the former A Baoa Qu to the Luna II area. The Gate of Sedan is completed.
;UC 0087.06.29
The Titans attack Hong Kong City.
;UC 0087.07.08
The Audhumla departs Hong Kong City.
;UC 0087.08.10
The Titans launch Operation Apollo, attacking Von Braun City.
;UC 0087.08.16
The Federation Assembly passes legislation that greatly expands the Titans' authority.
;UC 0087.08.17
AEUG leader Brigadier General Brex Forra is assassinated.
;UC 0087.08.24
The Titans unsuccessfully attempt to drop a colony on Granada.
;UC 0087.09.14
The Titans gather at Side 2.
;UC 0087.09.21
The Titans unsuccessfully attack Side 2's 25 Bunch colony with poison gas.
;UC 0087.10.05
The Titans bomb Von Braun City's port.
;UC 0087.10.12
The asteroid Axis arrives in the Earth sphere.
;UC 0087.10.14
The AEUG sends a delegation to Axis, but the negotiations break down.
;UC 0087.10.15
The Titans and the Axis form an alliance.
;UC 0087.10.19
The Argama docks at La Vie En Rose for resupply and repair.
;UC 0087.11.02
An AEUG and Kalaba joint force attacks the Federal Forces' Kilimanjaro base.
;UC 0087.11.03
The Kilimanjaro Federal Forces base collapses along with the mountain peak.
;UC 0087.11.16 ;The AEUG occupies the Federation Assembly in Dakar and denounces the Titans before the whole world. ;UC 0087.11.24
The Ahgama stops at Side 2's 13 Bunch colony (Morgarten) for resupply.
;UC 0087.11.30
The Ahgama reconnoiters the Gate of Sedan.
;UC 0087.12.07
The Titans destroy Side 2's 18 Bunch colony with Gryps 2's colony laser.
;UC 0087.12.14
The Titans attack Side 2's 21 Bunch colony with poison gas, killing the entire population.
;UC 0088.01.18
The Axis destroy the Gate of Sedan and capture Gryps 2. The asteroid Axis is set on a Granada-bound orbit.
;UC 0088.01.25
Negotiations between the Axis and the Titans break down. Jamitov is killed, after which Scirocco seizes control of the Titans.
;UC 0088.02.02
The AEUG launches Operation Maelstrom and captures Gryps 2 through fleet combat. The AEUG succeeds in changing the orbit of the asteroid Axis.
;UC 0088.02.20
The AEUG, Axis and Titans meet in a three-way fleet battle around Gryps 2.
;UC 0088.02.21
The Argama enters the combat zone. The Radish is destroyed.
;UC 0088.02.22
The AEUG annihilates the Titans fleet with the colony laser. The colony laser is itself destroyed, and the AEUG loses the majority of its forces. Char Aznable is missing in action.
;UC 0088.02.24
At the asteroid base Pezun, the young officers of a Titans training corps rebel, declaring themselves the "New Desides."

The Neo-Zeon Conquest (Double Zeta Gundam)

;UC 0088.02.29
The Axis proclaim the revival of Zeon, adopting the name "Neo Zeon" and dispatching forces to take control of each Side.
;UC 0088.03.01
The Ahgama docks at Side 1's 1 Bunch colony (Shangrila) for resupply and repair.
;UC 0088.03.03
The Endora, of Neo Zeon's advance fleet, enters Shangrila. The Ahgama is hidden inside the colony.
;UC 0088.03.09
A new type of core fighter makes contact with the Argama.
;UC 0088.03.11
The Ahgama escapes Shangrila.
;UC 0088.03.12
The Ahgama suffers a surprise attack by the Endora's mobile suit force. The Ahgama heads for La Vie En Rose.
;UC 0088.03.15
Chyara Soon boards the Endora. The Ahgama receives the Core Base.
;UC 0088.03.16
The Zeta Gundam loses its head. The Core Top arrives from La Vie En Rose, and the ZZ Gundam becomes operational.
;UC 0088.03.19
The Endora attacks La Vie En Rose. The Ahgama makes contact with La Vie En Rose.
;UC 0088.03.23
The Federal Forces form Taskforce Alpha as the vanguard of a New Desides punitive force.
;UC 0088.03.25
The Ahgama enters Moon Moon.
;UC 0088.03.26
The Endora is destroyed. Its commanding officer is taken prisoner aboard the Ahgama, which then departs Moon Moon.
;UC 0088.03.28
The Ahgama returns to La Vie En Rose. The Endora's crew are transferred to the Mindora. The occupying forces destroy Pezun with a nuclear bomb. The Aeno fleet, sent to suppress the rebels, instead defects from the Federal Forces and joins the New Desides.
;UC 0088.03.29
The Aeno fleet lands at Ayers City on the dark side of the moon.
;UC 0088.04.01
An AEUG launch captured by the Mindora is used to transport a camouflaged Bawoo. Hand-to-hand combat ensues aboard the Ahgama. Taskforce Alpha's FAZZ team is annihilated in the battle over Ayers City. The New Desides occupy a mass driver base.
;UC 0088.04.02
Ayers City surrenders. The New Desides escape using a mass catcher and link up with Neo Zeon's Twanning fleet.
;UC 0088.04.04
The New Desides take control of the low Earth orbit relay station Penta.
;UC 0088.04.05
Taskforce Alpha's mission is completed.
;UC 0088.04.12
The Ahgama departs La Vie En Rose. A test firing of its newly-installed hyper mega particle cannon is performed upon an abandoned colony.
;UC 0088.04.29
Judau infiltrates the asteroid Axis, and returns accompanied by Beecha and Mondo.
;UC 0088.05.08
Judau again enters the asteroid Axis. Along with the ZZ, he surrenders to the Sandora. The ZZ battles the Qubeley in Axis's town area.
;UC 0088.05.19
The Argama fires upon the asteroid Axis with its hyper mega particle cannon, but Axis is unharmed.
;UC 0088.06.06
Neo Zeon advance forces descend to Earth.
;UC 0088.07.08
The Ahgama lands at Granada for resupply and repair.
;UC 0088.07.09
Neo Zeon attempts to bomb Granada's port. The bomb instead destroys the Neo Zeon command vessel.
;UC 0088.07.13
Neo Zeon's mobile suit force descends to Earth. The flagship Sadaran departs for Earth.
;UC 0088.07.20
The Sandora joins the Sadaran.
;UC 0088.08.01
Neo Zeon's main force invades Earth. The ZZ rescues Elpe Puru.
;UC 0088.08.02
The Argama alights off the west coast of Africa. The Gundam team is detached from the Ahgama in order to carry out a pincer attack on Dakar.
;UC 0088.08.09
The Gundam team battles Rommel's forces.
;UC 0088.08.29
Neo Zeon occupies Dakar. Former Principality forces and Titans remnants ally with Neo Zeon.
;UC 0088.08.31
Haman and Mineva arrive in triumph at Dakar. A joint AEUG and Kalaba force assaults the reception hall.
;UC 0088.09.21
The Ahgama heads for El Golea's Kalaba base. Gremmi's forces try, and fail, to prevent it making contact.
;UC 0088.09.23
The Ahgama heads for Ghardaia. Gremmi teams up with the Blue force.
;UC 0088.10.09
The Blue force battles the Gundam team. Dido Kartoha is killed in action.
;UC 0088.10.14
The Mindora, conspiring with the African Liberation Front, invades Ghardaia.
;UC 0088.10.21
The Ahgama resupplies at Chott Melrhir's Kalaba base. Joining with the Gundam team, it heads for England.
;UC 0088.10.26
Objecting to the Federation leaders' plan to turn over Side 3, Bright and Judau are imprisoned.
;UC 0088.10.28
A fleet led by the Endora II occupies a Side 4 colony.
;UC 0088.10.30
The colony drop is detected. The Ahgama joins forces with the Audhumla. Hayato Kobayashi is killed.
;UC 0088.10.31
Neo Zeon drops a colony on Dublin.
;UC 0088.11.02
The Ahgama heads for a Kalaba base. Its crew return to space.
;UC 0088.11.03
The Near Ahgama is commissioned. Beecha assumes the role of acting captain.
;UC 0088.11.06
Pursuing the Near Ahgama, the La Vie En Rose enters a shoal area.
;UC 0088.11.07
The Near Ahgama, formally assigned to a punitive mission against Neo Zeon, sets off for Side 3.
;UC 0088.11.11
The Near Ahgama docks at Side 3's 24 Bunch colony (Tigerbaum).
;UC 0088.11.14
The Earth Federation government turns over Side 3 to Neo Zeon. Neo Zeon's terrestrial forces withdraw.
;UC 0088.11.22
In order to get into Core 3, Judau infiltrates the asteroid Cicero, stirring up anti-Neo Zeon resistance.
;UC 0088.12.25
Gremmi's forces rebel within Neo Zeon, occupying the asteroid Axis. Both sides' fleets clash.
;UC 0089.01.04
The Near Ahgama deploys, not waiting for Federation and AEUG support.
;UC 0089.01.08
Judau again infiltrates Core 3, in an attempt to take Mineva prisoner.
;UC 0089.01.10
Haman's and Gremmi's fleets battle.
;UC 0089.01.11
The La Vie En Rose is destroyed protecting the Near Argama from Gremmi's fleet. Emily is killed.
;UC 0089.01.13
Haman launches an attack. Mashma repulses Puru Two's Quin Mantha, but is destroyed by the Space Wolf team.
;UC 0089.01.14
The Near Argama enters battle, confronting Gremmi's forces. Gremmi's forces retreat, but dispatch the Newtype force.
;UC 0089.01.15
The ZZ, Zeta, and Mark II head for Axis.
;UC 0089.01.16
The asteroid Axis collides with Core 3.
;UC 0089.01.17
The AEUG defeats Neo Zeon. Mineva Zabi's whereabouts are unknown.
;UC 0089.03.15
Jupiter energy transportation resumes. The Jupitoris II departs.


;UC 0089.05.01
The Federal Forces reorganize the management system for massive asteroids.
;UC 0089.08.25 ;The Federation tightens sanctions against colonies that support spacenoid movements. ;UC 0090.01
Anti-Earth Federation organizations like EGM and the NSP (New Summer Project) become active.
;UC 0090.02
Sweetwater is remodeled as a refugee facility.
;UC 0090.03
The Federal Forces organize a new auxiliary unit, the "Londo Bell" force.
;UC 0090.07.15
The Texas colony, under reconstruction at Side 6, is attacked by the NSP's "Colored" force. The Federal Forces' Arahas force teams up with the staff of the Monotone Company.
;UC 0090.10.15
Arahas battles Colored at Side 2.
;UC 0090.11.23
A staff member of the civilian Monotone Company is chosen as a Federal Forces test pilot.
;UC 0090.12.15
The NSP's moderate faction joins forces with Arahas to battle the radical faction, actually a Neo Zeon decoy force in disguise.
;UC 0091.02.06
The NSP proclaims its dissolution.

Char's Counterattack

;UC 0091.02.27

The Neo Zeon decoy force leaves for Jupiter.
;UC 0092.08
The Federal Forces move their headquarters to Lhasa, Tibet.
;UC 0092.12.13
Neo Zeon suggests an attack against the Earth Federal Forces.
;UC 0092.12.22
Naval vessels commanded by Char Aznable declare a takeover of Sweetwater.
;UC 0092.12.25
The Federal Forces reinforce Londo Bell.
;UC 0093.02.27
Neo Zeon commander Char declares war in an interview program.
;UC 0093.03.03
The Neo Zeon fleet departs Sweetwater.
;UC 0093.03.04
5th Luna crashes into the Federal Forces headquarters in Lhasa, Tibet.
;UC 0093.03.06
Neo Zeon and the Federal Forces hold secret peace negotiations at the Londenion colony.
;UC 0093.03.12
Feigning surrender, the Neo Zeon fleet recaptures Axis. The attempt to drop it on Earth fails.


;UC 0093.09

Intelligence agencies and strategic and tactical research institutes within the Federal Forces are reorganized as the Strategic Naval Research Institute (SNRI).
;UC 0100
The Republic of Zeon gives up its autonomy, whereupon the Federal Forces declare the eradication of conflict.
;UC 0102
SNRI proposes to the Federal Government that mobile suits should be scaled down.
;UC 0103
The anti-Earth Federation organization "Mafty" destroys an orbital surveillance satellite.
;UC 0104.02.28
The terrestrial Federal Forces are reinforced. Terrestrial Manhunter organizations and efforts to expose illegal residents are strengthened.
;UC 0105.04.09
The Minovsky craft-equipped mobile suit Penelope travels from the lunar surface to Australia.
;UC 0105.04.19
Terrorists claiming to be part of Mafty attempt to capture the shuttle Haunzen, used by Federation dignitaries.
;UC 0105.04.20
Mafty attacks the Tasadai hotel in Australia. The Xi Gundam arrives on Earth.
;UC 0105.04.21
The Xi Gundam and Penelope battle at sea near Indonesia's Halmahera island.
;UC 0105.04.26
Demanding the revocation of the "Revision of the Investigative Powers of the Federation Government," Mafty attacks a conference of the Federation's central cabinet in Adelaide, Australia. The Xi Gundam runs aground due to a barrier system installed around the meeting site. Mafty's leader is arrested, and the measure is approved.

UC 0105.04.27

The 13th Independent Corps arrives in Adelaide.

UC 0105.05.01

The leader of the Anti-Earth Federation organization known as Mafty, Mafty Navue Erin, is executed.

UC 0105.06

The Federal Forces intensify their suppression of anti-Earth Federation organizations. The Mafty movement goes underground and, on the surface, the anti-Earth Federation movement appears to be quieted.

UC 0105.11

At the Federal Forces' request, Anaheim Electronics begins development of scaled-down mobile suits.

UC 0106

Construction of new colonies resumes. Within the Buffo Conzern, selected members of the vocational training school and related enterprises secretly form the Crossbone Vanguard (CV).

UC 0108.07

Rollout of the Dessa type, the first scaled-down mobile suit, by the Buffo Aerodynamics Company.

UC 0109

Rollout of the RGM-109 Heavygun.

UC 0110.04

Engeist Ronah assumes the office of vice president of the Colony Corporation.

UC 0111.09

SNRI rolls out the Gundam F90 unit 1 and completes the A, D, S, M and H options.

UC 0111.10

The Federal Forces decide on the development of a next-generation main force mobile suit. SNRI's F (Formula) series, rather than Anaheim's MSA-120, is officially adopted.

UC 0111.12

Reconstruction of the Frontier Side (formerly Side 4) begins.

UC 0112.02

The Gundam F90's L, V and P field-test options are finished.

UC 0112.06

The Silhouette Formula Project is secretly started within Anaheim Electronics.

UC 0113.04

Hauserie Ronah's "Earth Preservation Measure" and "Measure to Abolish Excessive Medical Care" are rejected.

UC 0115.04

Rollout of the F71 G-Cannon.

UC 0116.05

Planning of the Rafflesia Project starts. The "Earth Preservation Measure" is re-introduced.

UC 0116.07

Rollout of the Gundam F91.

UC 0117

The Buffo colony is opened to civilians.

UC 0118

Hauserie Ronah is assassinated.

UC 0119

The Rafflesia Project is put into motion.

UC 0120.10.25

The Jupitoris-class transport ship Kobayashi Maru is attacked by a mysterious mobile suit force.

UC 0120.10.28

During a test flight in the Side 4 area, one of the Gundam F90 prototypes is stolen by the Zeon remnants known as "Oldsmobile."

UC 0120.10.30

The 13th Independent Mobile Fleet is given the special assignments of mopping up Oldsmobile and recovering the F90.

UC 0121.03

The 13th Independent Mobile Fleet reaches Mars. Oldsmobile's Martian base, Olympus Cannon, is destroyed after firing. The stolen Gundam F90 unit 2 is recovered.

UC 0121.10.28

In parallel with the reconstruction of the Gundam F90 unit 2, the I and L options are completed.

UC 0122.02

The F90 and F91 are brought aboard the Federal Forces cruiser Abrams for field testing.

UC 0122.08

Rollout of Anaheim's RXF91 Silhouette Gundam.

UC 0122.11

Silhouette Formula tests begin in the Zebra Zone.

UC 0122.12

The Gundam F91 is brought to the Frontier I colony for conversion of its head computer.

UC 0123.02.18

During test operations in the Zebra Zone, the Silhouette Gundam and Hardygun encounter the Crossbone Vanguard's Dark Tiger force.

UC 0123.02.19

Due to engine problems, the Anaheim test ship Blaywood docks at an abandoned colony.

UC 0123.02.20

Inside the abandoned colony, the Hardygun battles a Gira Doga and captures its pilot, a Neo Zeon remnant.

UC 0123.02.22

The Blaywood joins the Federal Forces battleship Ajax. The Neo Gundam unit 1 meets with the Dark Tiger force. The Blaywood's MS corps encounter Neo Zeon remnants within the colony.

UC 0123.02.23

The Ajax begins a mopping-up operation against the Neo Zeon remnants, opening fire on the abandoned colony. The Neo Gundam unit 2 defeats the Ajax and the Neo Gundam unit 1.

UC 0123.03.16

Cosmo Babylonia

;UC 0123.03.16
Crossbone Vanguard mobile suits attack the Frontier Side. More than 500 inhabitants of Frontier IV die, and 140,000 become refugees.
;UC 0123.03.19
The Crossbone Vanguard attacks Frontier II and III.
;UC 0123.03.19
The Crossbone Vanguard gains control of Frontier II and III.
;UC 0123.03.24
The Thousandth Jupiter arrives in the Earth sphere. It is captured by the Crossbone Vanguard, but its captain pledges his cooperation.
;UC 0123.03.26
The Crossbone Vanguard proclaim the establishment of Cosmo Babylonia at Frontier IV.
;UC 0123.03.30
Iron Mask of the Crossbone Vanguard arbitrarily deploys Bugs and the Rafflesia at Frontier I, but is defeated by the Gundam F91, which is itself severely damaged in the battle.
;UC 0123.03.31
The Crossbone Vanguard's Dorel and Zabine forces return in triumph to Cosmo Babylonia. Near Frontier I, the Cluster Gundam escapes after a battle with a Crossbone Vanguard garrison.

The Zanscare Empire

;UC 0139
Within civilian networks, planning of a "holy alliance" starts.
;UC 0140
Colony-ism resurfaces. The movement for autonomy is revived. Antagonism due to economic differences and trade imbalances between the colonies comes to a head.
;UC 0141
Maria Pia Armonia opens a consultation bureau at Side 1's Albanian colony.
;UC 0143
Maria begins to propagate her ideas.
;UC 0144
A group of Maria followers forms. Her staff publishes Maria's teachings.
;UC 0144
The Maria-ist group petitions the government of Albanian to form a political party.
;UC 0145
Maria meets Fonse Kagatie.
;UC 0146
The Maria-ist group becomes radical. The Gatie Party is formed as its political extension, and becomes a third party in the government assembly of the Amelia colony.
;UC 0147
A group of corrupt ministers are executed on the guillotine, and the Gatie Party takes power in Amelia.
;UC 0148
The League Militaire is reorganized as a fighting force.
;UC 0149
The establishment of the Zanscare Empire is proclaimed at Side 2. The League Militaire puts the V (Victory) Project into motion.
;UC 0152.10
The Yellowjackets invade Largane. Seizing civilian aviation facilities, they construct a base.
;UC 0152.11
Development of the Minovsky drive begins.
;UC 0153.02
Space tests of the Shokew are completed.
;UC 0153.03
Trials of the Shokew under gravity begin.
;UC 0153.04.05
The Shokew is stolen. The Yellowjackets attack Woowig.
;UC 0153.04.06
The Shokew battles Zolos at Woowig. The Yellowjackets battle the Victory Gundam.
;UC 0153.04.07
The League Militaire's Camion unit goes to the underground factory in Kolin.
;UC 0153.04.08
The League Militaire of Eastern Europe gather. The Victory Gundam battles the prototype mobile suit Godzorla.
;UC 0153.04.09
The League Militaire begins to disperse from the Woowig area.
;UC 0153.04.10
Camion's leader is captured. The Gaddarl force is dispatched in pursuit of the League Militaire.
;UC 0153.04.11
Camion battles the Gaddarl force. Pippiniden's squadron lands and joins forces with the Yellowjackets. Camion's leader is executed on the guillotine.
;UC 0153.04.12
The commander of the Largane base is recalled. The Yellowjackets begin an operation to take control of Arti Gibraltar. Camion is joined by the Shrike force's advance force.
;UC 0153.04.13
The Yellowjackets capture the Victory Gundam in an illegal residence district, but it is recovered.
;UC 0153.04.14
Camion heads for Becheyne, joining with the Shrike force. Dupre's squadron, en route to old Dresden, encounters the Victory Gundam and a GunEZ team and is destroyed.
;UC 0153.04.15
Camion arrives at Becheyne and is met by a unit of the Federal Forces stationed in Ireland. They battle the Gaddarl force and Lupe Sino's squadron, and the Shrike force loses one mobile suit. Camion heads for Gibraltar.
;UC 0153.04.16
Part of Camion arrives at old Barcelona. The Victory Gundam smashes the guillotine in the town square.
;UC 0153.04.17
The Federal Forces' Bagley space fleet battles the Zanscare fleet. The Yellowjackets, demanding the submission of Gibraltar's PCST, stage a show of force and battle the League Militaire. The Shrike force loses one mobile suit.
;UC 0153.04.18
The Yellowjackets demand PCST's surrender and deploy the prototype mobile suit Memedorza. The Shrike force loses one mobile suit.
;UC 0153.04.19
The League Militaire hijacks a PCST shuttle. Camion joins with the spaceship Reinforce, attached to the Federal Forces stationed in Ireland.
;UC 0153.04.20
Vessels moored at sea off Gibraltar are attacked by the Yellowjackets' Galguyus. The Reinforce launches into orbit. Usso's group captures a BESPA Sinope-class patrol ship. The Zanscare Empire broadcasts the departure of the Sugan fleet.
;UC 0153.04.23
Usso's group's Sinope docks at Hiland.
;UC 0153.04.24
The Reinforce battles a fleet dispatched from Kairas Giri and joins forces with the Gaunland.
;UC 0153.04.27
After disorienting the Kairas Giri fleet with Hiland's microwave gun, the League Militaire enters battle. WIth Kairas Giri captured by the League Militaire, Squid 2 flees the battlefield.
;UC 0153.04.28
The Victory Gundam battles BESPA's prototype mobile suit Abigor.
;UC 0153.04.29
Usso's group and the space families set out for Side 2 in the Aineas.
;UC 0153.05.04
Usso's group infiltrates the Zanscare Empire. The Reinforce Junior launches, and the League Militaire battles the Sugan fleet. Failing to withdraw, Usso's group again infiltrates the Zanscare Empire and begins fighting during the queen's audience with the returned fleet. Of the League Militaire combatants, one is killed and two are arrested.
;UC 0153.05.06
During the Zanscare Empire's favorite ceremony, a captured mobile suit begins moving. As if in response, the League Militaire's MS unit executes a surprise attack.
;UC 0153.05.07
The League Militaire squadron docks at the Macedonia colony and the entire crew is placed in custody.
;UC 0153.05.13
BESPA mobile suits execute a surprise attack on the Macedonia colony. Taking advantage of the confusion, the League Militaire members recover their ships and equipment.
;UC 0153.05.14
The Reinforce Junior escapes the Macedonia colony and picks up the White Ark and Victory 2 Gundam.
;UC 0153.05.17
The Reinforce Junior resupplies at the secret Horasm base on the dark side of the moon.
;UC 0153.05.21
The Motorad fleet and Reinforce Junior force both enter the atmosphere.
;UC 0153.05.22
The undersea city of Underhook is destroyed.
;UC 0153.05.24
The Motorad fleet comes ashore near Tampico in the Gulf of Mexico and heads up into the North American continent.
;UC 0153.05.28
The Earth Federation and Zanscare Empire reach a cease-fire agreement, which takes effect immediately.
;UC 0153.06.01
In the North Sea, the White Ark unit battles the Lysithea force.
;UC 0153.06.03
In the North Sea, the White Ark unit destroys the Lysithea force.
;UC 0153.06.05
Forces from the abandoned Largane base defy the cease-fire and battle the White Ark unit.
;UC 0153.06.08
The Largane base is attacked from the air. The White Ark and Reinforce Junior return to space.
;UC 0153.06.10
The White Ark and Reinforce Junior join the Federal Forces space fleet assembled at Hiland.
;UC 0153.06.12
The League Militaire fleet encircles the Zanscare fleet. The Reinforce Junior and White Ark destroy a front-line Motorad fleet commanded by Pippiniden.
;UC 0153.06.15
After a battle with the Tassilo fleet, the White Ark infiltrates the Angel Halo area camouflaged as a supply ship. Its mobile suits fight an imperial guard division.
;UC 0153.06.18
The construction of Angel Halo is completed.
;UC 0153.06.20
BESPA's Tassilo and Cronicle fleets join forces.
;UC 0153.06.21
Angel Halo's shadow falls upon Earth. The Reinforce Junior's White Ark force battles mobile suits from the Tassilo fleet flagship Schbatten. Angel Halo descends.
;UC 0153.06.22
The Schbatten is destroyed. Queen Maria dies.
;UC 0153.06.23
The League Militaire fleet battles the Angel Halo guard. Angel Halo disintegrates in the upper atmosphere, then rises into space.