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Turn-A Gundam

∀-Gundam (read "Turn-A Gundam") was a 50 episode series that aired in 1999.

It was directed by Tomino Yoshiyuki, who had written and directed a number of previous Gundam works. The series is yet another alternate universe, taking place in Correct Century (CC) 2345. The series tells the story of a war between space colonists calling themselves the Moonrace who wish to colonize Earth, and the Earth Militia forces, which use the ancient Turn-A Gundam to retaliate. Turn-A Gundam is a dramatic depature from the franchise in many ways. Instead of being set in an era of high technology, it is set in a future that has regressed to the early 20th century. Also, the unorthodox design of the title Mobile Suit comes courtesy of American Syd Mead, best known for his work on Blade Runner. The series also features the musical talents of Yoko Kanno. The series finished its run in early 2000, and in 2002 Tomino directed two compilation films, entitled "Earth Light" and "Moonlight Butterfly."

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