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Zeta Gundam

A dark mirror to the original Mobile Suit Gundam, on the air in 1985-1986. It takes place in UC 0086, six years after the end of the One-Year War. After the events of Gundam 0083, the Federation military established an elite division called the Titans to hunt down the remaining pockets of Zeon resistance, but the Titans use brutal methods to reach their goals. Resistance groups, the AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group) and their earthbound counterparts, the Karraba, are formed. The series begins when a thinly-disguised Char Aznable, now a member of AEUG under the alias "Quattro Bagina", raids a Titan military base in the occupied colony Green Noah in Side 3 to acquire intelligence on the Federation's new Mobile Suit prototype, the black Gundam Mark-II. Camille Vidan, a lunatic Newtype dissident, is caught up in the raid and helps AEUG steal the Mark-II.

The show was written and directed by Tomino Yoshiyuki, with character designs by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, while the series' mechanical designs were split amongst Okawara Kunio, Nagano Mamoru, and Fujita Kazumi.

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